i feel i’m kinda giving up on this blog and on the fanhood of autoracing

which may be a good thing in fact


So finally i’m heading for Hockenheim! 😀

i’m actually impressed by how cheap the paddock pass is haha
it’s even cheaper than the Macau GP we went to last year
thought we didn’t buy it… instead we sneaked into the paddock once and borrowed others’ passes to go inside other times 😛

but i think things in Hockehnheim will be much better organized!
and as my german vocabulary is (slowly) growing, i feel more comfortable about going there on myself though this DTM F3ES weekend will not be as international as the previous F1 races i’ve been to
but hopefully i’ll still be fine 😛

So i guess quite obviously, i’m going there to cheer for Nico Hülkenberg, the new F3 Euroseries champion of this year! haha
that’s actually quite quite cool! and as he’s going to GP2 next year, i’m quite lucky to be there and watch his final two F3 races (well though he’s been racing in F3 for like 3 seasons or so…)
Not sure if i’ll be motivated enough to watch any of his GP2 races next year ‘cuz i’m not sure if i want to go to any F1 race next year
but if he ever gets to F1 one day, i’ll definitely be there for his F1 debut! 😀
haha i guess it makes a good combination… Macau Debut, F3 Finale, and F1 Debut

actually the previous ‘ever gets to F1’ is quoted from Nico himself
He once said ‘if i can ever get there (F1), I want to be the first Nico Hülkenberg’
haha impressive huh?
so i made a banner (well actually based on a German flag) from his quote, it’s just like ‘Be The First Nico Hülkenberg’

haha hope it can be a bit motivating for him if he sees this banner this weekend

And i just remembered i could also possibly see Ralf Schumacher this weekend… it’s gonna be a bit weird…lol

ok i need to get up early tmr to take the earliest train to Hockenheim (though it’s in the same Länder it still takes >2hrs to get there… arrrgh)
hopefully i can bring back some nice pics from the race!!

Go Nico Go!

I used to hate this guy when he was beating Michael
but now i think he’s gonna be the next racing LEGEND very very soon!

just look at what he’s done to bring the crappy Renault car from the back of the field all the way to the grand prix winner!! and twice in a row!!
i mean wow… simply WOW…

it’s been said for a long time that he’s the best driver to help develop the car among all right now
and i think he just proves his talent again this year 😀
If Renault continues their work and Fernando keeps pushing hard on the team, i think they’ll be able to challenge for the WDC next year! well and if little Piquet can grown faster, maybe WCC is also not far away from them 
I would definitely love to see that scene… it’s just like the rebirth of a new legend, though i still don’t want him to break michael’s records 😛

but what i would love to see more is Fernando in our Ferrari red!
that would be totally lovely and almost unbeatable
haha lol

however, there’s just one thing that worries me…
Fernando is indeed the most childish driver out there right now… he even sounds more childish than little Vettel omg…
i can’t resist to say that i love what he said in http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/71379
but i still kinda feel that’s a bit too childsh and over the top? hmmm we’ll see haha


some final thoughts about Japan GP

Kimi welcome back on the podium! lol u know ur fans are being driven nuts ‘cuz they can’t see ur face after the race but it’s good that you’re back! we need u to win the WCC! 
Felipe proves he can drive fabulously but seems he needs more experience in dealing with these kinda of end-of-season championship leader fight
i don’t want to comment on the penalty on seb. ‘cuz i think there may be some evidence that i haven’t see and leads to this decision
but Felipe drove a great great race from technical point of view! very competitive, very confident, very motivated and controlled the car very beautifully 

Ramilton just proved he’s a miserable failure again
i actually wanted to create some google bomb and direct the searching result of ‘miserable failure‘ to Lewis Hamilton
there’s no doubt that 80% of the drivers are not happy with him and it’s all his own fault to put himself in a position like this… come on you annoyed both kubica and alonso, the best two drivers not (yet) in the red car and u r hoping to win the championship with them hating you? in your dream babe

i think after 3-4 years kubica and vettel will be very very competitive and it’ll be great to see how fernando is holding on against them that time 😀
and maybe our Nico Hülkenberg will also join the fight? haha

just a btw, Congratualtions Nico! you deserve the champion! can’t wait to see you next weekend 😀

This is my real (well maybe another false) comeback…

i’ll clean up this site a bit today… and hopefully can start writing again this weekend 😀


ps, seeing that the first-ever night race taking place in Singapore but I can’t make it is totally killing me…


NEXT Formula One RACE

Nov. 2nd 2008 @ Brazil (title decider, you don't want to miss it)

NEXT F3 Euroseries RACE:

Oct. 24th-26th: @ Hockenheimring, Germany

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